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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


HELP......I need your recipes. My human nutrition teacher just informed us that our next project(due 1 week from today) is to bring in an authentic ethnic dish. No problem....takee-outee here we come, give me a #5 special...."would you like fried won ton or egg roll with that?" Everything was great. I had a plan until he expounded upon the definition of authentic...as in these people really eat this stuff at home. He also added another twist to the assignment..... recipes must be from countries that most Americans are not familiar with like Ethiopia, Jamaica, or any other predominantly black countries. So here I am begging for recipes. I know I can Google, but I would prefer something "tried and true." I don't want to drive from here to kingdom come gathering expensive exotic ingredients only to find out after hours of prep that the recipe I randomly picked is randomly disgusting. Know what I mean?!!? So let me be perfectly clear .......HELP!!! It doesn't matter if I know you or not. If you have read this and have a good authentic recipe by all means post it. PLEASE.
P.S. Midterms start next week so excuse me if you can hear the panic in my posts. LOL


Michele said...

I'm sorry I can't think of a recipe yet, but I'll mull it over. And I love party crashers! Thanks for the sweet comment--I love making new friends. I'll be back to visit your sweet blog often!


wvugrads said...

Hi, Sis Moriah. I met you when you were all at CLC in MD after Katrina. I lurk on your's and Kristi's (and Ginger when she posts :) ) blogs sometimes. Anyhoo, I wanted to suggest that you touch base with Monique about a dish to prepare. Maybe she'd have something yummy (and easy) that she picked up when she and Pastor Sean were in Guyana. I do a yummy Indian dish, but it's not from scratch...Trader Joe's helps with the sauce. Blessings to your church and family. ~Kelly~

Kristi said...

Oh yes Miss Riya, Jamaican jerk chicken from one of the Jamaicans in the Maryland church...Your class will love you. My mouth is just watering thinking about it. What a cool teacher you get to eat and learn. Please share your recipe and whatever processes you go through to create it. Happy cooking!!!

Miss Riya said...

To Michelle,
Glad you enjoyed your visit. If you click on Kristi(above) it will bring you to "Plain Old Kristi" I also have a link to her blog on my main page. She is one of my best buds who also happens to be an avid gardener and chicken....um.....rancher? LOL! (I'm not sure what the proper terminology is.)
To Kelly,
Great to hear from you. Please visit and post often. Thanks for the tip about Guyana. That gives me a funny Idea.