In case you haven't noticed, there is an additional child in our family photo. I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family. She is the pretty little 7 year old in the purple dress. "Eloise" now has a little sister. We have decided to call her, "Amelia Bedelia".

Friday, October 17, 2008

Guess What's Cookin....

I am so excited about our church's new cookbook, "Cookin Up a Storm." I'm so excited that I'm going to give one away FREE to some lucky person. This isn't an ordinary cookbook. For starters, the cover is a print of an original oil painting done by my pastor's oldest daughter. This book also contains personal testimonies about our lives before, during, and after hurricane Katrina. "Cookin Up a Storm" also contains a special disc. On this disc are real photos of the monumental task we faced upon returning....It's not all doom & gloom though there are also several pictures of volunteers, the clean up, and some of our families with their refurbished homes. This book is more than a compilation of recipes, but a testament to the spirit of the people who still call this place home. Well.... enough with the commercial....on with the rules:
  • 1.) If you are someone who attends church with me, you may NOT win the book, but the first one of you (who does attend my church) that calls me on the phone with the answer will receive a container of the mystery dish. If you do not go to my church the following rules are for you.
  • 2.) View the following photos
  • 3.) When you think you know what I cooked for dinner go to my side bar and link to my friend "Plain Old Kristi"
  • 4.) Type the following comment on Kristi's most recent posting; Miss Riya is beautiful and cooks the most wonderful ??? (your answer goes here.)
  • 5.)Submit your comment.
  • 6.)Wait a little while..... I will announce the winner on my blog next Friday Oct. 24. I already have a # in mind ..so if you are the ? # correct answer you win! If you are the lucky winner, comment (on this blog) with an address where you can receive mail. ( I will arrange it so that your info will not post automatically & will delete it after I write it down.
  • 7.)Get very excited about receiving a package from Louisiana...So excited that you take a picture of yourself jumping for joy as you open the package.
  • 8.) Post picture and a link to my blog on your blog.
  • 9.)#8 is optional, but would be greatly appreciated.


Hmmm.....let me see.....celery....onions....

.....& Freshly pressed Garlic....It must be.......

....anything we cook in Louisiana!

Here is a hint...there are hundreds dare I say thousands of recipes for this dish, but ask any local and they can tell you that the best recipe is their Mom's.
Here's another hint....this recipe was originally an African recipe.... we just kicked it up a notch.

If you don't know by now .....
.....then you might want to order one of the cookbooks and gichoo(get you) some cultcha(culture) dawlin(darling.)
See Ya Later Alligator ;-)


wvugrads said...

I posted my super secret guess on Kristi's page, so be sure to check it out. Ha! If, by some miracle, I do NOT win, I am still interested in getting one (or more.) Will you let me know how I can order some? Also, I'm sure some of the members at CLC would be interested, too. I can put a blurb out on our CLC mom's board email list, if you like. Take care.


PS Oh, what did you end up making for your class?

Miss Riya said...

Kristi is working on a site dedicated to the sale of the cookbooks. Everyone will be able to order as many as they like.When it is finished there will be a link on all of our blogs. Please do tell all your buddies about my giveaway before Friday.
RE: P.S. Ask Brother sean about his chicken sandwich experience in Guyana.