In case you haven't noticed, there is an additional child in our family photo. I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family. She is the pretty little 7 year old in the purple dress. "Eloise" now has a little sister. We have decided to call her, "Amelia Bedelia".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Are Free To Be Random...

Unfortunately hubby had to work 
this 4th of July.
He was doing maintenance on the diesel trucks.
This was good news to Eloise,
 because the trucks are parked at the marina.
She and hubby found a stick,
 an old rusty hook,
 a coke can tab
 and a discarded piece of fishing line.
With the makeshift pole
and three shrimp
(donated by 2 young men who felt sorry for her)
Eloise caught 4 crabs after 2 got away!
One of them didn't come out without a fight.
That little guy tried to pinch her foot
 when she got him on the deck,
so she stepped on his pincer.
He then swung around and got her with other claw.
She beat him with her stick till his arms fell off.
Was that image too violent?
btw: the pic is dark, because
 hubby's phone doesn't take good pics.

I love old photos.
This one is of Hubby's
Grandmother & her three sons.
(far left is my father-in-law)
I'm sorry I couldn't enlarge it 
without distorting it.

I think they're on to something.
Maybe we can attach a card reader
 to the offering bags!

I warned you in the title that this would be random.


Hope you had a happy Independence Day.

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Jennifer said...

RANDOM'S COOl! Love the old pic!