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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh What Fun...

 I have had a blast making
 "squash books"
with Eloise.

In case you are not familiar,
squash books are what happens when
scrapbooking meets origami.
(Shh...This one is for Sis. M.W.)

There is so much more 
that I could have done,
 but I was nervous.
It actually wasn't nearly
 as hard as I had imagined.

Below I will post a link to the tutorial.
It is very basic.
I used 8"x8" paper,
so I ended up with a 4"x4"
The tutorial calls for 6x6,
which yields a 3x3 book.
I do not recommend this.
As it is, I had to print my photos
 in wallet size.

The Tutorial:

After you have the basics down pat 
and you want to learn how to do
 a more intricate squash book look at the link below.

Hope some of y'all try it
and share your creations with us.
We had so much fun.
Some crafts are nerve wracking,
but this was fairly easy.

You can purchase "Zip Dry"
 and chip board 
at your local craft store.
I scored the chip board
 with my rotary cutter,
 then bent,
 and finished cutting.



meboo said...

So Cute! Thanks for sharing.

creationsbycasey said...

These look so pretty! You do have talent! I'm gonna have to give these a try.
It was so good to meet you at jr. camp! I really felt like I'd made a lifetime friend:) I look forward to seeing you and Jenna in the future! Good luck on the weight loss! Shane and I started the 5 or 6 meals a day several weeks ago. Now to find time for exercise...
Drop me a line anytime at casey@haycollc.com

A great big hello all the way from Creationsbycasey.blogspot.com