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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shh!!! My Taste Buds Don't Know....

 In case you haven't noticed, I love to cook. I read recipe books like most people read novels. Being a Chinese/Redneck who is often mistaken for a Mexican, who was transplanted from California to New Orleans, I can truly say that my taste buds are eclectic. I thrive on variety. Fortunately, I am learning a few tricks about being a frugal gourmet chef. One of my latest finds is the clearance rack at Wal-Marts bakery. I scooped up on this loaf of sourdough bread. It looked so pitiful with it's big clearance tag, but I looked beyond the $1.50 price tag. I didn't tell my taste buds what I was planning, but I will let you in on my secret.

 Grilled Sourdough burgers topped with Gouda. We also had fresh figs(picked from our tree)

 The above is a picture of a skillet breakfast I made recently. I fried onions, bell peppers, bacon, and potatoes. When the potatoes were tender, I made 5 wells and cracked a whole egg into each well. I covered them till the eggs were set. I sprinkled cheese over the top and served. My family enjoyed it, but we all agreed that next time I should try smoked sausage instead of crumbled bacon. The greatest part about this dish is the fact that the clean-up is so easy, because it's all cooked in the same skillet.

 I baked this Large cake with fresh strawberries in between the layers for less than $10.
A smaller version of a similar cake is sold at a local bakery for $35.
At this rate, my taste buds will never find out that I'm on a budget!

This(above) is another cheap quick meal. Whenever I have a small amount of pork roast left over from a previous meal, I can shred it and add a little BBQ sauce. Then all I have to do is scrub and pierce the potatoes all over. After I place the potatoes on a plate, I sprinkle with Kosher salt and microwave for about 7 min. or till tender. When the potatoes are finished, they are ready to stuff with pork and whatever else the family likes.

I hope this post has inspired all of you to get creative and thrifty.

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hey thanks for shopping at walmart come againg pealse love carmecita I love the big yellow tags to on the racks at waleworld