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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Think It Is Working....

Do you remember the post about the big blue buckets and my attempt at container gardening?
Well, this is just an update on some of the progress.

Above, is a picture of my grape twig that sprouted and is getting ready to take over my patio.

This is my never ending salad bowl.

Look at my baby bell pepper.

I'm fighting the urge to pull these guys.
I'm not sure how long the carrots are under the surface.

The same goes for my beets.

So far it looks like 2 of the 3 pineapple plants are recovering from their transplant into the ground.
This will be Eloise's 2nd actual pineapple.
There may be a 3rd on the way!
For those of you who are unfamilliar with the pineapple story:
scroll back to the top and enter
 Tale of The Stow Away Pineapple
in the search box. 

P.S. I would like to thank "Plain Old Kristi" for giving me the lettuce seeds and God for making them grow.

Well, that is all I have at the moment, but I will keep you posted.


Tina said...

Oh my word you are amazing!! I so would love to grow lettuce we ate it everyday!!!

Melba said...

I am impressed!

The B's said...

Gorgeous garden! Containers or in the ground, there's nothing like growning things, is there? =)

JeanSkirtGirl said...

LOOk's great great Love carmencita!!=]

Egghead said...

I especially love the never ending salad bowl. Everything looks wonderful!