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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Big Day.....

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the total destruction of our parish, many people said we would never recover. They said that It would be a minimum of 2 years before our 1st school could open. They said a lot of things, but nearly 4 1/2 years later I see an entirely different picture.

Our first school opened approx. 2 months after the storm. Our highschool recently opened a new sky walk for students to cross over the highway to our new campus additions. The new section is still under construction, but the classrooms and office for the ninth grade academy are complete. When it is finished it will also house a huge swimming pool, theater with orchestra pit, public library, coffee shop, and what appears to be a multi-level parking garage. Our highschool was recently rated one of the top 20 in the entire nation.

In addition to a thriving school system, our community is home to many local businesses and several chains, but today marks something special to me. Previous to the storm,we had just celebrated a grand opening. My daughter had watched the building progress every day on our drive to her school. We were so excited that we no longer had to travel to other cities; as it was in walking distance from our house. In fact we stopped there as we were pulling out of town to evacuate. I remember feeling numb as I watched the employees wrap all of the brand new photo equipment, electronics, and registers with heavy duty plastic wrap.

Tired of waiting???..........

So were we, but today our wait has ended.

I heard from friends that the highschool band marched up and down the aisles to entertain the first customers when the doors opened. I had to get Eloise off to school, so I missed it  ;o(

The pictures aren't great, because the usual photographer(me) was busy shopping. Well any way, here they are:

You guessed it.
Walmart Super Center!
Over 300 new jobs!!!
No more outrageous grocery prices from the other stores!
No more big, empty, blighted building!
No more wasting tons of gas to go shopping!

See...I'm not the only one who thought this was big news! LOL
Really this isn't about Wally World or IHOP or any of the other great things that are opening up; It's about this community. We got in here and worked hard for this place we call home.


Melba said...

I'm so excited - I heard that the grand opening was a huge success! As far as the school addition... the swimming pool is already completed and being used (It's very impressive!) In fact, Avery is currently taking swimming lessons with his 2nd grade class at the pool. It's a two week course taken during the school day. Yesterday, I went to watch him swim. I thought he could swim before, but you would not belive how much better he can swim now. Way to go ST BERNARD PARISH - I LOVE YOU!

wvugrads said...

Loooooove me some Walmart! Congrats! (Do you have a Wegman's grocery store anywhere close? It's like my Disney World...love it too!) :)

Jo Princess Warrior said...

Very exciting news!!! Hey, thank you so much for the poem on my comments. I haven't read it before. I loved it. xo

The B's said...

Praise God! For He is good!