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Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Things Come to Those Who Wait....

This is a picture of my latest miracle.
Yes, I said miracle.
I don't know what else to call it,
when I am able to purchase a dryer that originally retailed at around $1500
for $97 (that wasn't a typo) plus tax.

My old impatient self tried to overtake me,
 because I could really use a washer
 that doesn't require hand tools (notice the dial in top pic) to operate.
I could have bought the matching washer,
but I would have to special order it and put it on credit,
 because it is still over $1000.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength
to resist the temptation.
In tough economic times it is crazy to go into debt,
besides I know God is going to find me another great deal.
I don't really care if it matches, but it would be a bonus ;o)

Now if you'll excuse me.....
I have some playing laundry to do!

P.S. We just updated Eloise's Blog. I added a link button in my sidebar just above, "Blogs I like to visit".On her blog we added a link button for "Sketch Tuesday" and one that brings you back to my blog. If you have time, check it out, and let us know what you think about her new look.


The B's said...

Oh, how wonderful! That truly is a miracle! Isn't it a lovely feeling to confuse chores with playtime? =)

Kristi said...

I'm so happy for you. You can just close the door if it really gets on your nerves...oooor...you could throw out the old washer and wash everything by hand in the yard....nahhh. I'll help you believe for a deal on a candy apple red washing one!

Melba said...

Where in the world did you get that dryer for $97? I just had my two year old $1,500 washer repaired for $398.00 because the electronic panel just decided to die. I was told by the repairman that appliances are not lasting that long any more. He said the average life was 7 years on the new equipment. However, I'm not sure if I believe him or not. I am so happy for your miracle!

wvugrads said...

Can't leave us hanging without any details on your great deal! Congrats. (Let me know if you find any more deals like that...I need a new washer/dryer.) :)