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Friday, April 11, 2008

As Promised....

Here we are...the three amigas! As you can see the accommodations were lovely. I had a wonderful time thanks to these two ladies and the Lord. The sisters we ran into from Bro. Wilbanks church were a blast to be around. Sis. Loretta you're the greatest! What A Woman! What A Burger! ;-) Inside Joke Sorry. On a more serious note, the messages really hit home. There is just something about getting near living water when your spirit is thirsty! This was the first opportunity I've had to hear Sister LaJoyce Martin speak for an event.....What A Woman! Her gift is truly from the Lord. I couldn't replay the whole thing if I tried, but I wanted to leave you with this comment by Sister Martin that really stuck with me: "...you ladies say you want to know the will of God for your life....well here it is......In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God concerning you." (I Thessalonians 5:18) WOW! That'll Preach! ;-)

It was truly an honor to meet such a great pillar of faith and holiness!

Sister Loretta Giving Thanks...This was definitely a "God Thing" LOL!

We said our good-bye's at the retreat and then ran into each other at a Panera's an hour later......it must've been the will of God is all I can say!

;-( ... ;-I ...;-) ... ;-p ... LOL!!!

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Cynthia said...

Hey from one of the 3 amigas. What a great time we had at the Alabama Ladies Retreat. The presence of God, the food, the fellowship, the food, the fun, the fellowship, the food, the...I think you get the idea. Sis. Loretta's joyful presence truly added to the fun of this trip. Whatta Lady!