In case you haven't noticed, there is an additional child in our family photo. I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family. She is the pretty little 7 year old in the purple dress. "Eloise" now has a little sister. We have decided to call her, "Amelia Bedelia".

Monday, July 22, 2013

8 Months In One Post....

Grab some pop corn and pull up a chair.
This might take a while.
I didn't photo every event 
and I tried to keep the comments short.
I also placed some of the photos in my two new tabs.
They are:  "crafts" and "sunday school".
Kix corn we made for a Thanksgiving Feast.
Eloise & Brie, before she had to move to San Diego.
We miss her terribly.
If you recall a few years back I requested prayer 
for a little baby that had a liver transplant.
It has been touch and go, but I'm here to tell you
 that you are looking at a miracle!
She is now in my Sunday School class.
I teach the Kindergarteners.
She wasn't supposed to make it...
Hubby playing with some of Eloise's
Christmas loot.
Happy New Year
Meg picks up her Graduation Present from Aunt Pat!
It got a little sloppy on Mardi Gras day at State Park.
When life gives you mud....
Sugar & Wias
A sweet sister in church asked me to help her
 with the details for her daughter's baby shower.
These are the colors of the baby's room, 
so I went with it.
Above is the seat of honor.
I forgot to take an up-close shot of the
corsage sitting in the chair.
The bedroom decor is a pirate theme
and Bro.Oscar works off-shore, 
So we decided on a ship logo.
We had a thank-you-message
and candies in little glass bottles,
with corks as favors.
Youth Rock-A-Thon
Eloise and Tali are prepared 
to stay awake all night...
well maybe.
I figure I might as well go ahead and get this out of the way,
 before someone else does!
Our gang at one of the many "Operation Octopus" 
outreach campaigns.
This is me & my friend Caroline
She is my neighbor now,
but is originally from Mexico.
We went to the store and she showed me what to buy, 
so we could make tamales and sweet corn desert.
These are our finished tamales.
I'm not sure why, but for some reason
I just didn't have the patience for all that
filling and rolling...
So I made 2 of these babies.
I rolled the masa into thin sheets like pie crust 
and layered it with the meat filling.
I then baked the pies.
When sliced, it was firm and looked like a layered cake.
I topped each slice with cheese, 
sour cream, and diced avacados.
My mouth is watering as I type this!
Who can resist a hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut?
At the end of our last post we were selling 
junk and furniture in preparation for selling our house.
This is just too much house for three people.
Well, I'm not sure exactly how it happened,
 but we have managed to acquire another daughter
 and I now have 7 students;
Pre-K through 10th grade.
The above pic is Eloise with one of my newest. 
It all just kind of happened.
We sold all of our formal furniture,
but that simply made room for the art station, music station, classroom,
and a bedroom for "Amelia" & "Eloise"
to share in the loft.
We couldn't have planned it better if we tried.
This is one of the beds and closets
 that hubby built for the girls.
"Amelia" is going to fit right in.
She was on the Honor Roll for the entire year.
I tried my hand at kale chips.
one pan didn't do well,
 so we're not going to talk about it.
I did however love the sea salt with a bit of olive oil and parmesan.
Amelia's first Hibachi experience.
Hubby's sister, her kids(-1), grand kids, and our two.
We took our latest addition to a family reunion, 
so she could meet some of her new family.
The best part is nobody could tell that 
she didn't actually belong to the family.
Amelia takes a big step.
It's about time!
I am so proud of my husband for demonstrating
discipline in his life.
He has now lost between 85 and 90 lbs.
You inspire me.

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Jennifer said...

Love the Pics! Love Amelia (goes with her personality) & thank the Lord for baptism!!!!!!