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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lunch Scholars

There are days when I question my ability to educate my daughter in a manner consistent with the current "standards" . . . .

. . . After viewing this I can confidently put my fears to rest. On the surface it is comical, but if you really think of the  implications, it is sad and a little scary. This generation will be voting in the not so distant future and some of them are probably already raising the next generation as we speak.

 These students are from Washington state, so I can't give them a pass on not knowing the capitol of Washington. I am sure that this isn't an isolated case though. Based on what I've witnessed at our local high school(ranked in the top 10 in the nation) this is a national problem.

 I don't really blame the kids. The root of the problem lies in our priorities as a society. I'm sure these kids could rattle off the names of their favorite actors, singers, or the latest styles and colors that prom dresses come in, so it is not a question of intelligence. 


earthgirl said...

Oh my word ms. Riah I can't believe
Some of those students actually thought that they were correct. I mean some of them were just obviouse. Oh and thanks for the laugh!

Olivia said...

That was hilarious!! My favorite person is the girl with the white hat on!!