In case you haven't noticed, there is an additional child in our family photo. I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family. She is the pretty little 7 year old in the purple dress. "Eloise" now has a little sister. We have decided to call her, "Amelia Bedelia".

Friday, December 12, 2008

As we were getting ready to leave for school......

We noticed white stuff floating downward and landing on Eloise's hat.

What ever could it be?

When we arrived at school we were greeted by bunches of tiny noses trying to get a peek of this thing that most had only previously read about in books.

Speaking of books... I caught the librarians playing outside!

Even Sister D and Sister N went outside to investigate.
(2 dear ladies from church who also happen to work at our local public school.)

I was only scheduled to work the second half of the day so I decided to drive around town and check things out.

The picture above is our church.

These workers from the local refinery couldn't help themselves. They got so excited about SNOW in southern Louisiana that they had to pull over and make a snowman.

This is my sissy's mailbox. Isn't it pretty?

This whole snow thing brought out the Calvin in my normally dear sweet hubby. In the above pictures my husband is mercilessly bombing my cousin with snowballs. His lunacy knew no boundaries. As we were riding around town he proceeded to stick his hand out the window. I wasn't paying attention to the fact that he was feverishly scraping snow from the roof of the car because I was on the phone talking to a friend. All of a sudden..... out of nowhere......a snowball slammed into me! I shrieked you are sooooo going to have to call in to work today! He said, "Why I'm not sick? :-D " To which I replied no not sick.....DEAD!!!!!

This is our house dressed in snow.

I stopped by a local meat market to get some homemade spreads for our ladies Christmas get together and was kindly reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. I'm so excited! To me it truly is the most wonderful time of the year and the snow made it even better.

**For those of you who may live where it snows often and in great quantities.....I'll be praying for you. I would never survive living where it stays really cold all winter long. I'm sure some might think we are crazy, but we have the best of both worlds. It almost never snows here and when it does it only snows long enough for us to play in it and then it goes away so we can live our lives.

Well any way, I pray that all of you have a SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS season this year.


Kristi said...

Geez...not fair! Ya'll got a lot more snow than we did! It looks so pretty.

Michele said...

What lovely pictures! So happy you got some of the cold stuff! And your home is utterly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!