In case you haven't noticed, there is an additional child in our family photo. I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family. She is the pretty little 7 year old in the purple dress. "Eloise" now has a little sister. We have decided to call her, "Amelia Bedelia".

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lucy.... I'm Home!

Girls & Their Farmer's Market Loot

My Daughter & Her Wheels

Exhausted Dare Devil

Me in Orange Beach Ala.

No Pics yet of Me & Eloise at our violin lessons or of my hubby & his new gas saving motorcycle ($8 to fill the tank!)
As you can see we've been busy & it looks like all my blog buddies have been on the go as well!
Beppi....If you are reading this and shaking your head I just want you to know that Eloise is very careful when she rides her 4 wheeler up and down the highway.... ;-) just kidding.......she isn't very careful at all actually.


Betsy said...

When she wants a Harley at 16, dont say I didnt warn you......

JeanSkirtGirl said...

wow! that gal look's good on her 4wheeler!! I wish YOU GOOD LUCK!!

Tiffany said...

Looks like you've been busy! Or at least your little one has! ;)

Chance said...

hello! its Prescilla! chancy just showed me your "blog spot" lol.
i know its been forever since we've spoken but i want u to know that im thinking of u guys always and keeping you in my prayers! hope to see you soon!